::Brickland Engineering Ltd

Brickland Engineering Limited (Reg. No. 629246), a unit of Unicorn Holdings Limited, is poised to meet today’s toughest, infrastructural development and projects, architectural, engineering and logistical challenges for Federal and State Government, private investors and multinational companies.

With the signing of a technical partnership agreement with a firm of Italian and Malaysian civil engineering and building experts, the company is engaged in the construction of quality and affordable houses in Nigeria for low income and high net worth individuals and corporate bodies especially in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Ibadan.

Brickland Engineering, also provides infrastructure, such as dredging, roads, lighting and electrification, drainage system and bridges for Federal, State, Local Governments, private investors and multinational companies.

Brickland Engineering Limited also embarks on the following services:

  • » Infrastructural Development and Projects
  • » Civil Works
  • » Engineering
  • » Renovation and Development.

Our company has competent Architects and Engineers with several years of experience. Our objective is to use the highest innovations and expertise to meet our clients’ needs.

Our company is ably equiped to facilitate our work during construction: we have medium size operating set, Tower crane, mixing machines, compactor, vibrating machines, compressors, steel scaffolding and clamps, dumper, barrows, survey instruments hard tools, cutter, one medium size delivery van, etc.

We have also acquired a complete working equipment to facilitate our work on site:
Poker vibrato machine, Demolition Hammer machine, Water pumping machine, Terrazzo washing machine, Concrete mixer, Ceramic tiles cutter, Scaffolds and Kroul.

These equipments have in no small measure contributed to our prompt and timely delivery of project.

We build and construct houses, bridges, railways, etc as well as specialize in customising bullet proof cars, strongly resistant to AK 47, AK49, M-16 Riffles.

We also construct exotic and durable Fibre Glass Swimming - pools. Click here to view a gallery of pools that we offer.

Brickland Engineering Limited has a committed workforce, which have served Clients in Nigeria and beyond through its sister companies.